Technician Reporting And Information Tool

A revolutionary field-service application developed to provide industry-leading support for our technicians – and deliver unparalleled communication to our customers.

Real-Time Visibility & Communication

We give you visibility of services being performed throughout the inspection & repair process. With real-time notifications delivered directly to your inbox – complete with photos of all repairs & write-ups – your fleet health will never be in question.

Consistent Service, Nationwide

Every inspection & repair that we perform is done within in TRAIT® ecosystem – ensuring that the job being done in New York, is identical to the job being performed in Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. We set a high standard for our team, and we maintain that standard across the country with the TRAIT®.

Your Inspection, Our Technology

All fleets are different – so why should they be serviced the same way?
If you have an inspection form designed specifically for your fleet, we will upload that directly into the TRAIT® system – keeping your fleet maintenance consistent while providing you all the benefits of TRAIT®.
No fleet inspection process?

No problem. We will work with your team to understand your fleet and build an inspection program designed specifically for you.

Data Storage & Analysis

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. All inspection records, repair data, and service history is logged in our online Maintenance Management tool, WebWrench® – giving our customers instant access to information that is organized, actionable, and readily available.
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