Introducing FleeTec® Academy by Dickinson Fleet Services

FleeTec® is an intensive, hands-on residence training program designed to teach truck maintenance and repair skills from the ground up.

Hands-On Education and Support

Our proprietary field service application gives our team, and our customers, real-time visibility & communication with our technicians; while also ensuring consistent, quality service – nationwide.

Unmatched Training Program

Upon completion of the FleeTec® training program, you will be qualified to perform preventative maintenance inspections and light repairs immediately. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of Dickinson’s industry-leading tools and techniques, including our unmatched safety procedures. The program requires a one-year commitment to DFS upon completion, a guaranteed tech position where you’ll learn even more valuable industry skills.

Building the Next Generation of Elite Technicians

Ready to make a change in a big way? FleeTec® Academy is an intensive, hands-on residency training program designed to teach truck and trailer maintenance skill sets from the ground up. FleeTec® Academy prepares you for a career as a diesel and trailer technician and better yet, you’ll learn from the best and work for the best upon completion of the training.

Ready to make a difference at Dickinson?

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