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Technicians are the foundation of what we do. They keep the world moving. Without them, we’re stuck on the side of the road. Dickinson Fleet Services celebrates its Technicians by offering great pay plus bonus incentives and world-class benefits, including nearly 5 weeks paid time off every year, 8% company contribution to your 401k and premium and affordable medical, dental and vision insurance plans. Join our workforce of 1,000 technicians strong… and growing… and help to build the future of mobility. Dickinson Fleet Services, part of the Cox Automotive family. Join the family and OWN YOUR ROAD.
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Employee Benefits

Training and Development

Employee Engagement

Top Tech

Employee Benefits

Training and Development

Employee Engagement

Top Tech

We Reward Greatness

We continue to grow because of the contributions and individual talents of our team. Your hard work and enthusiasm will not go unnoticed or unrewarded. When you become a member of our team, we treat you like a teammate. We invest in our people, providing opportunities for competitive compensation, collaboration, and professional development.
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Dedicated to Excellence

We are committed to being the best and having the best team in the industry. From strong hiring practices to enhanced employee education and training at all levels, we are dedicated to your success. Dickinson employees are encouraged to advance their individual skills. Our initiatives include:

  • A dedicated training division focused on delivering best in class structured, company-wide maintenance training for all technicians
  • Employee Onboarding at our corporate office in Indianapolis
  • Senior leadership executive management development training
  • Sales team and sales management leadership training and development
  • Formal technician ASE certification program across all regions
  • FleeTec Academy, developing the next generation of technicians
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Meeting You Where You Are

Culturally, we are an over-achieving, competitive and motivated group. We work hard and celebrate our wins. We are a big company, but our people are more than just a number. Regularly, we acknowledge teammates who go above and beyond. Through formal recognition, team-building events and organic conversations – the focus is on you.

We value our teammates, encourage your participation, and provide options to engage with:

  • Employee feedback surveys
  • Monthly leadership updates
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Employee recognition programs
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Demanding Greatness, Demands Dickinson

We have created a culture based on strong values, in which everyone can grow and prosper. That said, we have some fierce competitors on our team, pushing us all to be better. In 2016, we started our own Top Tech competition to allow technicians from across the company to compete for the title of Top Tech and the opportunity to go on and compete at the TMCSuperTech Competition each Fall. The competition is an opportunity for Mobile, Shop and Trailer technicians to show off their expertise, compete with coworkers and learn new skills along the way.

The competition has become an invaluable program that provides on-going training, introduction to new skills and techniques, all leading us toward our goal of delivering Maintenance Excellence to our customers each and every day.

Meet A Dickinson Tech

“All of the other companies I have worked for, they say ‘Family First’ and everything; but this company, Dickinson Fleet Services, they show it. Y’all do put family first, and I appreciate that more than you know.”
Jeremy Piepmeir, Lead Technician, 5 Years at Dickinson
“I took a chance coming to Dickinson Fleet Services, and that chance has really paid off. Ted’s vision for company and career growth was pretty correct. My intention was to come in as a tech and move up the ladder. I’ve been able to challenge myself and do that very thing”
Charlie Thomas, General Manager, 8 Years at Dickinson
“You just don’t see this type of freedom and flexibility with other companies out here. I love the ability to be promoted and grow within the company. The recognition and career growth opportunities here are second to none.”
Richard Schlatter, General Manager, 6 Years at Dickinson
Our team is among the best of the best. Our employees enjoy autonomy, flexible schedules, and advanced training. We know that we do better when you do better. You don’t have to be a hero alone. We realize that our success depends upon attracting and retaining the best professionals in the business. That’s why we’ve created a culture based on strong values, in which everyone can grow and prosper.

As a team, we set our technicians up for success. At Dickinson you will:

  • Have state-of-the-art service vehicle and equipment at your disposal to perform high-quality repairs.
  • Benefit from our cutting-edge, proprietary software, TRAIT® Technician Reporting, and Information Tool – we use this powerful tool to make your job easier.
  • Develop both new and existing skills through ongoing training and gain access to new career opportunities.
  • Receive comprehensive benefits as well as bonus incentive opportunities.
  • Experience and practice unmatched safety protocol.

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Building the Next Generation of Elite Technicians

Ready to make a change in a big way? FleeTec Academy is an intensive, hands-on residency training program designed to teach truck and trailer maintenance skill sets from the ground up. FleeTec Academy prepares you for a career as a diesel and trailer technician and better yet, you’ll learn from the best and work for the best upon completion of the training.
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Cox Automotive Mobility Commits to Cutting Fleet Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030

 Cox Automotive Mobility Commits to Cutting Fleet Carbon Emissions in Half by 2030  Advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) Training Center will launch at FleeTec Academy Indianapolis in Q4 of 2022.  Company’s fleet electrification conversion capabilities aimed at modernizing inventory of customers.  Cox Automotive Mobility expands fleet of mobile service trucks outfitted with on-demand charging for EV … more »
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