TRAIT-LOGOTRAIT® is a proprietary iPad based software that stands for “Technician Reporting and Information Tool.” It was created to help better connect our customers with our technicians. Take a look at this short video for more on TRAIT…

WATCH: Learn how TRAIT improves your Fleet Management experience.

How TRAIT Works

TRAIT provides our customers with easy electronic access to all the most important data they need to know about their fleet. It also gives this same important information to the technicians servicing those trucks. The result is more thoroughly and timely maintenance, maximizing fleet uptime.

At any point, both the technician and our customers are able to get real time information about the repairs and maintenance being done on their equipment With features such as automatic nightly inspection reports, Fleet Managers never have to guess about the health of their fleet.


Information is power and TRAIT delivers what you need to know, when you need to know it. This allows Fleet Mangers to maintain a proactive budget by planning for upcoming routine maintenance rather than reacting to repair disasters.

TRAIT Provides:

-Direct electronic access

-Nightly inspection reports

-Valuable technical apps

TRAIT gives our technicians the ability to provide our customers with real time reporting that includes things such as time-stamped photos and lists of potential defects on vehicles is very valuable to everyone involved. This enables the customer to see when preventative maintenance was started, when it concluded, what was performed and how much time was spent on each piece. This information helps make sure the best decisions are made on both the part of the technician and Fleet Manager when it comes to truck maintenance.

All of the TRAIT features are combined with the power of WebWrench, , to make sure that consistent and timely billing is provided. By keeping the lines of communication open, fleet up-time is increased and trucks are able to stay out on the road. Having this type of information available in real-time also enables clients to control their bottom line by managing repair and maintenance costs effectively.

TRAIT + WebWrench

TRAIT is combined with WebWrench, Dickinson Fleet’s cost tracking software, to offer Dickinson Fleet customers even more enhanced communication including:

-Real time information

-Consistent and timely billing

-Online access to operating costs

-Ability to sort by operating unit


Simply put, TRAIT allows our technicians to provide a better service to our customers, while giving our customers the power to make the best decisions about the health of their fleet and their budget. The result is a savings on time and money. When it comes to fleet maintenance and repair – TRAIT just makes sense.

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