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On this episode of The Hub, Executive Officer Mike Dickinson breaks down the 3 pillars to maintenance excellence that encapsulate all we do here at DFS. As we continue to grow our company, it’s important both existing team members and new hires understand what our culture is all about to keep our company moving forward.

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Maintenance Excellence

There’s a saying around here that Maintenance Excellence starts with ME. You cannot rely on everyone else to do it. You have to believe in it and you have to want to be the best. If you truly believe that, you will deliver it and everything else will follow.

3 Pillars of Success

To help everyone stay on track with this commitment to excellence, we have three core pillars:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Communication

We have a venn diagram that has these 3 rings (Safety, Quality & Communication) connecting in the center. Our goal is to put our customers in the center where everything all comes together. For us to be able to deliver at the highest level, we have to be great in all 3 of these competencies. This diagram helps us stay focused day in and day out.

Our leadership in each of these areas has allowed us to create a company culture that embodies maintenance excellence. We’re taken a strong leap to make sure that safety is at the top of everything we do. We recently did a survey and our technicians responded in an overwhelming way by letting us know that they felt that worked for a company that regarded their safety as a top priority.

These three pillars translate to what customers see by us working safely on their vehicle in a timely manner. We’re able to deliver the highest quality of repair and maintenance, getting things right the first time. We have developed a lot of systems that allow for incredibly fast communication to show our customer what is being done in full transparency. Our technology allows us to see what our technicians did same day, invoicing within 24-48 hours and access to the data.

Our Maintenance Select Program

We put this type of commitment behind our maintenance select program so our customers can have complete trust in us to manage all of their maintenance needs. This includes on-site and shop maintenance that allow us to deliver excellence that is second to none in the industry. The technology that we put in our technicians hands and the safety focus that we have as a company is what sets us apart.

Over the years, we have been able to develop a culture where the vast majority of our team members believe in these core pillars of excellence and want to delivery on it every single day. These gives our leadership team a sense of pride that goes beyond what words can say. Our whole team is very excited about the year that we’re having with the acquisitions and new team members coming on board. It’s absolutely phenomenal to see the immediate buy-in from the new hires and incredibly encouraging to see how our current team members are being allowed to grow through the ranks.

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