By: Brien Richmond On: February 06, 2018 In: Industry news Comments: 0

Self-driving trucks. Autonomous vehicles. We’ve talked a lot about this topic which, along with the ELD mandate, has dominated headlines in the transportation industry. We took a closer look at what self-driving trucks might mean for technicians. We also examined the ins and outs of how it might actually...

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By: DickinsonFleet On: January 03, 2018 In: Industry news Comments: 0

One of the biggest stories to come out of 2017 was, of course, the autonomous truck. While it’s clear that this is the direction the industry is headed, what’s unclear is exactly what it means for everyone involved – especially CDL drivers. But there is one big thing that...

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By: DickinsonFleet On: August 11, 2015 In: Mobile Truck Repair Comments: 0

Self-Driving Trucks Have Arrived Self-driving trucks have been all of the buzz over the last couple of months in the trucking industry.  The first self-driving commercial truck has been licensed to hit the public roads in the state of Nevada.  As one might imagine, there are a lot of...

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