By: DickinsonFleet On: August 09, 2018 In: Company News Comments: 0

On this episode of The Hub, Executive Officer Mike Dickinson breaks down the 3 pillars to maintenance excellence that encapsulate all we do here at DFS. As we continue to grow our company, it’s important both existing team members and new hires understand what our culture is all about...

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By: DickinsonFleet On: July 27, 2018 In: Industry news Comments: 0

The Truck Driver Appreciation Week dates have been set. This year, NTDAW it’s going to take place September 9th-15th. This will be a time where we can all come together to show some extra appreciation for the professional drivers who are out there delivering the things we want and...

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By: Brien Richmond On: March 19, 2018 In: Industry news Comments: 0

No one likes problems. But wouldn’t you rather address a potential problem early than react to a costly one later? If you’re a fleet manager or owner…the answer should always be yes. The rising costs of fleet maintenance have been a hot topic lately with all signs pointing to...

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By: Brien Richmond On: March 05, 2018 In: Company News Comments: 0

When it comes to the transportation industry as a whole, SAFETY is always a topic of concern. At Dickinson Fleet Services, we’ve stressed the importance of safety for our technicians and clients since the beginning. In fact, a big part of the training we do at Dickinson Fleet revolves...

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