By: DickinsonFleet On: August 15, 2017 In: Industry news Comments: 0

The time has come. It’s time to have “the talk” with your fleet. The talk about SAFETY. Safety is a priority for every company, especially those of us at Dickinson Fleet. But that doesn’t mean that we all couldn’t benefit from a little reminder. And NOW is the time...

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By: DickinsonFleet On: April 24, 2017 In: Company News Comments: 0

We’ve been talking a lot about distracted driving here lately, and for good reason. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. But truth be told, distracted driving deserves extra attention ALL the time; especially throughout the transportation industry. It’s that big of a deal. And it’s THAT important to the...

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By: DickinsonFleet On: April 14, 2017 In: Industry news Comments: 0

April is here. It’s Spring Break season. Gas prices are low. This means there are more and more people on the road. Which also means, distracted driving is going to be at an all-time high. Leading causes of distractions include cell phones/technology, problems at home, lack of sleep, mind...

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