Dickinson Fleet Services is committed to providing our customers maintenance excellence through quality maintenance and repairs, safety, and communication of fleet information that is processed, organized and available.

From its inception, the owners of DFS set out to build a company that provided the highest level of quality and customer service in fleet management. Two decades later, this commitment still stands. Every one of our 400+ employees knows that quality and customer service is our passion. We work 24/7 to exceed your expectations through our focus on:


Our goal is to keep customers for life. Our team of Customer Service Reps and field managers communicate with our customers daily, helping them schedule their maintenance and resolve issues before they become problems. This continual focus on customer satisfaction is the key to every improvement and innovation we make.


Employee satisfaction is important to us, because our people are the foundation of everything we do for our clients. In order to attract the best in the industry, we provide our employees with above industry compensation, benefits, training and equipment. The investment pays off for them, for us, and for you.


We will never compromise safety, period. We believe in a safe working environment and would never allow our employees or customers to be put in an unsafe situation. We provide regular safety training, certify employees on safety items, and continually work to provide the safest working conditions and service methods in the industry. It doesn’t make sense to operate any other way.