Distracted Driving – When Enough is Enough

Distracted Driving

“Years ago, when I saw people driving how I’m seeing them drive today, my first thought was, ‘They’re drunk’ . . . Today, you pretty much think, ‘They’re playing with their phone.’”

This is what Herschel Evans, a seasoned Holland truck driver had to say in a recent FleetOwner.com article on distracted driving. (more…)

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Digital Disruption – Are Self-Driving Trucks Good or Bad?

Self-driving trucks. This is a major trend going on right now in the transportation industry. But is this digital disruption good or bad for trucking?

Well, that depends upon who you ask. Some drivers and Fleet Managers see mainly an upside. Others are more intimidated by the technology and feel as though they’re at risk for losing their jobs. But will a self-driving truck every be able to completely replace a human? (more…)

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Fleet Managers – Could a Driver Health Coach Help?

Truck Driver Health

It’s that time of year again. We’ve talked about it before. Truck driver health. Right NOW is the time to be thinking about it. But don’t just stop at the thinking, consider the DOING as well.

A recent transportation industry report shows 21 percent of drivers who left the field in recent years did so for health reasons. When you look at your fleet, do you see potential health concerns coming down the line? Now ask yourself this – how do you think your drivers would feel if you did something about it? I mean really show that you truly cared about their well being.

It’s no secret that trucking is a generally unhealthy profession. Around 70 percent of truck drivers are obese and many are at high risk for conditions like heart disease and diabetes. And, of course, a lot of it starts with the sheer number of hours spent in the sitting position. But could another big piece of it simply be lack of education? (more…)

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Managing Your Fleet’s X Factor – The Weather

Riskpulse weather fleets

Fleet Managers have a lot on their plate. There’s no doubt about that. Continually working to improve things such as fuel efficiency, driver satisfaction and vehicle maintenance are just a few things involved in the day-to-day. All of these things are important and they all can be controlled.

But what happens with the things that are out of your control? Yes, I’m talking about the weather. How do you manage that? How do you calculate the amount of risk vs. reward? Making on-time deliveries is the name of the game. Sometimes, though, weather forces you to “call it.” And It’s a tough call to make. (more…)

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NEW Year, New Elevated Platforms for Tech Safety

Elevated Platforms - Dickinson Fleet Services

The new year is here. One thing is for sure, there are a number of advancements in our services that I’m excited about as we gear up to make the coming months as successful as possible for our clients.

At the top of that list are our new mobile semi trailer trucks. These are mobile maintenance trucks with elevated platforms. You may be wondering what this means and why it’s such a big deal for us as well as our clients. (more…)

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Fleet Managers: What’s On Your 2017 Most Wanted List?

2017 Checklist

What is on your 2017 “most wanted” list? Have you pondered this question yet?

I was recently reading an article in FleetOwner Magazine about the Most Wanted Safety Improvements heading into 2017-2018. Much of the list included things you might expect such as: reducing driver fatigued related injuries, increasing the usage technology that prevents accidents and eliminating driver distraction. (more…)

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Uncovering the Impact of Tires on Fuel Performance, Safety & Driver Satisfaction

Tires can impact so much when it comes to fleet performance. And it’s not just about the equipment, but driver satisfaction/performance as well. There’s so much riding on the tires of your fleet, literally. Let’s take a closer look…

truck-tiresTires Impact Fuel Performance

Underinflation will absolutely destroy your fuel economy. Having tires that are not inflated properly reduces the ability of the tire sidewall to support the load on the tire. This increases the degree to which the sidewall will flex; and it changes the footprint or contact patch of the tire. A tire that is underinflated by 10% can result in 20% increase in rolling resistance, and a corresponding drop in fuel economy.  In fact, rolling resistance alone can make up for approx. 25% of fuel consumption.  This is definitely something to be considering as we head into the Winter months.

In addition to regularly checking the health of your tires as part of our mobile maintenance service, Dickinson Fleet recommends using automatic tire monitoring and making it as easy as possible for drivers to inflate tires when needed. Remember, an underinflated tire is always much more serious than a tire being a few PSI overinflated.

Tires Are a Safety Liability

When considering truck safety, tires may not be your top priority. However, any Fleet Manager who has ever experienced a blowout will tell you that poor tires are absolutely a safety hazard.

Tires play a BIG part in taking corners properly, being responsive when steering through traffic and traction is directly impacted by tire tread. There’s also braking, acceleration and more where tires play a large role. Even in the best weather conditions, poorly maintained tires can cause major safety threats to the driver and cars that are sharing the road.

Properly maintaining your fleet’s tires will not only help provide a safer vehicle for your drivers, but it’ll help you prevent citations from the DOT & FMCSA.

Quality Tires Mean Happy Drivers

Investing in quality tires means investing in your drivers. Why? Because the drivers that make up your fleet will be the first to notice the change. Getting improved tires is like wearing a pair of new shoes – you just can’t help but notice the difference in support.

Further, it means having a fleet of drivers behind the wheel of trucks that are quieter, able to be steered easier and posing less schedule interruptions than a set of tires nearing the end of a lifecycle. Guess what? This means drivers aren’t as frustrated because they feel like they are equipped to do their job without having to worry about a major tire catastrophe.

Training our Techs on Tires

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we understand the importance of tires to your fleet’s performance. It’s for this reason that we invest in consistently training our technicians on the latest advances in tires through partnerships like the one we have with Goodyear. In fact, in 2016 Goodyear went above and beyond to make sure our team was equipped with the tire knowledge they needed to make the absolute best recommendations for our clients.

Dickinson Fleet is YOUR Partner

At Dickinson Fleet, we aren’t your truck maintenance provider. We are your fleet maintenance partner. This means giving our technicians the tools and education needed to act as an extension of your time.

When it comes to things such as tire life and truck maintenance in general, you don’t want a provider. You want a partner. A partner is a company that understands the fleet’s activities over the course of time.

This means advising you in the best way possible and performing maintenance on YOUR schedule at YOUR location to minimize downtime.

Looking for a Maintenance Partner?

Contact us online or call 855-DFS-4111

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How to Know When to Hire a New Truck Maintenance Provider


How do you know when it’s time to hire a new fleet maintenance provider? How do you know when you aren’t getting the repair attention you deserve? What if everything is just kind of status quo? (more…)

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How Are Truckers Using Technology

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we spend a lot of time studying the latest technology trends in the transportation industry. We’re committed to keeping our readers informed about what’s working and what isn’t.

Prior to introducing new technology, it’s important to reflect on how the market is currently responding to what’s already out there. As a Fleet Manager, this is critical information to use when making decisions about how to best implement it across your fleet.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the way truckers are currently using technology by driving into some important findings in a recent survey.

android smartphone truckersSmartphones

Let’s start with smartphones. Back in 2013, 66 percent of drivers said they used smartphones. Now that number is more like 93 percent of drivers using smartphones. That’s a drastic change. Further Android outpaces the iPhone (57 percent to 45 percent) as the smartphone of choice. Verizon Wireless remains the preferred wireless network for a third consecutive survey, and drivers continue to take advantage of the latest technology, with 56 percent of those surveyed using tablets, such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy. (more…)

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Taking Time to Say “Thanks”

ThanksgivingThanksgiving is here. Once again, it seems the holidays have crept up on all of us again this year. Soon, the hustle and bustle of closing out the year will be in full force.

But for now, it’s this time where we like to pause for a moment to reflect on the past year and the many things for which we have to be thankful here at Dickinson Fleet Services… (more…)

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