2 Trending Topics in Trucking – Simulators & Trailer Tracking

At Dickinson Fleet Services, we work to stay on top of the latest technology trends in the transportation industry. Being ahead of the curve is what allows us to provide the best mobile fleet maintenance and repair services available today.

As we come across interesting news, we make it a point to share that with our clients and followers. Today, we wanted to share a couple of topics that seem to be coming up quite a bit here lately; trailer tracking and driver simulators. (more…)

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Does Gamification Mean Better Truckers?

On-board cameras, increased connectivity to the highway, self-driving trucks and more. As technology continues to progress, we’re approaching the “gamification” of trucking. But is that such a good thing?

driver challenge appSoon nearly every move will be monitored, in real-time. Whether it’s the driver actually behind the wheel or riding co-pilot, Fleet Managers and operations personnel will have as much information as they could ever need at their finger tips. (more…)

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Dickinson Fleet Recognized by Department of Defense

ESGR LogoDickinson Fleet Services was recently recognized as a 2017 Freedom Award Nominee by the Department of Defense. In partnership with ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve), the Freedom Award is given in recognition to those who exhibit exemplary support of National Guard and Military reserve members. (more…)

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Distracted Driving Awareness Training for Dickinson Employees

DFS Online Training CenterWe’ve been talking a lot about distracted driving here lately, and for good reason. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. But truth be told, distracted driving deserves extra attention ALL the time; especially throughout the transportation industry. It’s that big of a deal. And it’s THAT important to the safety of ALL of our employees and clients.

That’s why we have partnered with SafetyServe.com to provide us with the National Safety Council’s Distracted Driving Online program. We are making completion of this online course mandatory for all of our employees AND we’re taking it a step further by offering incentives to those that complete it first.

Safety has been and continues to be a top priority at Dickinson Fleet Services. Understanding the statistics that show cell phone usage results in thousands of deaths each year and that using a cell phone makes people four times as likely to crash only echoes this safety focus.

The other eye opening piece to distracted driving is that fact that:

– 47% of drivers believe it is safe to send a text either manually or via voice-dictation systems.

– 45% say they feel pressure from employers to check email while driving; however, 44 percent say they have crashed in the last three years while they were either commuting or traveling for business.

Education is the first step in changing this way of thinking and that’s why Dickinson Fleet is offering the following incentives to our employees for completion of this training.

First two Mobile PCs to complete the course will receive $1,000.00 to their P&L. Each technician will also receive a $25.00 gift card.

DFS Large shops – Indianapolis, Doraville, Pennsburg

First shop to complete the course will receive $1000.00 to their P&L. Each employee of the shop will also receive a $25.00 gift card.

Other DFS Locations – Cincy, Allentown, Houston, Dallas, Holland, Orlando, Tampa, Miami

First shop to complete the course will receive $1000.00 to their P&L. Each employee of the shop will also receive a $25.00 gift card.

We have no doubt that this training will make an impact. It’s eye opening information and encouraging our employees to pause for a moment to give it their full attention is a top priority. While April is the official Distracted Driving Awareness month, our employees and clients can expect this topic to be a focus all throughout the year.

More on Dickinson Fleet Services

Dickinson Fleet is the nation’s leader in mobile truck maintenance and repair. We currently have 230 mobile trucks equipped with state of the art technology visiting our customers nightly in nearly every major city in the country.

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Be Prepared: It’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is here. It’s Spring Break season. Gas prices are low. This means there are more and more people on the road. Which also means, distracted driving is going to be at an all-time high.

Leading causes of distractions include cell phones/technology, problems at home, lack of sleep, mind wandering, etc. Many people behind the wheel are going to have their minds elsewhere…especially this time for year.

We’ve talked about the distracted driving concern in our recent article with the theme of “when is enough, enough.” But with April being Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we felt it was time to shed some light on this topic again. It’s such an important subject because of the sheer volume of accidents and fatalities that result from drivers being distracted. (more…)

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4 Spring Semi Truck Tidy Up Tips

Spring has sprung and it appears the warm weather is finally here. That also means as the Winter is behind us, the rain is moving in as the temps (finally) begin to rise.

Truck Tidy Up TipsFor many people ,this means it’s time for some “Spring cleaning” around the house. But for Fleet Managers everywhere, this is a great time to schedule some tidy up work for your trucks. This will save you in maintenance costs and will go a long way in helping to prevent unnecessary tickets and violations. Here are some tips to get started… (more…)

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Reminder: Roadcheck 2017 is Coming. Will You Be Ready?

The annual commercial vehicle inspection push is coming. It will be here before you know it and NOW is the time to start preparing.

That’s right, June 6th -8th DOT Inspectors will be conducting numerous roadside inspections and many CDL drivers are not going to be prepared. Are yours?

In its 30th year, the purpose of the program is for CVSA-certified inspectors to “conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives,” according to the CVSA website. (more…)

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Trucking Trends: Reaching the Millennials

Transport Topics recently had a live video broadcast all about reaching millennials in truck driving. Whether the subject be recruiting or retaining drivers, the panel seemed to agree that this generation is different. During this broadcast, there were several hot topics discussed including the intrastate vs. interstate age limitations, technology in trucking, priorities about the job itself, and much more. Let’s take a closer look at some of these now… (more…)

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Will Drone Deliveries Disrupt Trucking?

Will drone deliveries disrupt trucking? That’s the question.

The transportation industry has been buzzing about drones for quite some time. But just how big of an impact will these flying robots have?

As big players such as Amazon, Google, UPS and DHL begin to enter this space, only time will tell just what the capabilities will be. Many retailers and delivery companies are predicting that this will allow drivers to make more delivers, quicker without covering as many miles. This opens the door up for some huge cost savings. (more…)

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Dickinson Fleet Services Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Dickinson Fleet 20th AnniversaryDickinson Fleet Services recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. Our company was founded on 2/1/1997 and just wrapped up another record breaking year in 2016. Coming together at the Trade Winds Island Resort in Florida was the perfect way to create a memorable gathering for all and put an exclamation point on all that has been accomplished so far. (more…)

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