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On this episode of The Hub, Director of Safety, Health & Environmental, Michael Renforth, talks about creating a safety culture here at Dickinson Fleet Services. In order to create this safety culture, it’s important to make safety the #1 priority at every level of the organization and Michael explains how he’s been able to do that over the past couple years.

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How a Safety Culture is Built

Our safety culture at Dickinson Fleet Services is built upon beliefs, attitude, habits and behaviors.  Attitude is created through a vision and our vision is simply, “safety first.”  This provides vision to every level of the organization. It’s a mindset and attitude that we want everyone to have.

To help shape the mindset and attitude, have an acronym with “first” part of “safety first.” Here’s how we break it down…

F ind the hazard.
I dentify the risk
R eport all incidents
S tay focused
T ogether we are safe

Our mission statement is simple – we will never compromise safety…period. It really makes no logical sense to operate any other way besides that.

Safety Training & Technology

It takes everyone to have a safety culture. We want to create a safe environment and culture both on the job and on the road. In our company, it’s imperative to focus on safety as it relates to both on-the-job and behind-the-wheel. From day 1, we have a strong safety orientation program where every employee understands our mission. It’s also our goal to provide consistent safety training. This means employees are all required to complete monthly safety training. In addition, we have regular safety audits that help us keep everyone accountable.

On the road, we have some of the latest technology including driver cameras and GPS systems. Any behavior that is identified as a distraction is coached and counseled. Any behavior that is determined to be exceptional is rewarded through an internal rewards process.

Zero Tolerance Cell Phone Policy

Another way we keep safe on the road is a strong cell phone policy. Our philosophy is: just drive, everything else can wait. We are very mobile and we explain to our drivers that we want to communicate with you, just not while you are driving. We don’t allow hands-free, bluetooth or any type of cell phone use while driving. There’s just no compromising on this one.


The results in our organization have been very positive and you really cannot put a price tag on building a strong safety culture. This has made a positive impact in our organization, customers and with our partners. Across the board, it really has just been incredible.

Another shining point is that as we have expanded our own fleet, we’ve still been able to reduce our vehicle accident rate. Our injury rate has also been able to improve as we’ve added more staff over the years.

Our employees now have structure and a voice with safety. At our company, the technician is at the head of all we do and it’s all about returning home safely. It also gives our partners the confidence that the technical as the right attitude and ability to work in a safe manner with the right equipment. They can be confident that they’re trained in OSHA standards and environmental compliance.

Moving Forward

This year’s vision is to protect the progress. It’s critical that we work to persevere what we have done through consistency. Continuing to raise the standard in our organization is what it’s all about. We will always challenge ourselves to improve in the category of safety as long as our business exists.

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