Every day, we strive to provide preventative maintenance excellence tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Find out what it takes to deliver the outstanding service we’ve become known for, along with a few words from our customers on how we’re doing.

From Michael Andretti, Andretti Autosport

“When we travel to IndyCar races, we travel with 10 tractor-trailers every weekend. The fleet maintenance of our transporters is just as essential as the maintenance of our race cars,” said Andretti Autosport CEO Michael Andretti. “Dickinson Fleet Services has performed above and beyond and is a key part of keeping our team rolling. Not only are they professional and the best in the business when it comes to fleet maintenance, but they’re also just right down the road here in Indianapolis.”

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From John T. Moe, Region Fleet Manager, Nestle

Just wanted to mention how pleasant it is to deal with your call center.

I receive regular calls from your team and they are always pleasant and professional, specifically last night I received a call from Nancy regarding a couple of trucks in Bakersfield and Santa Maria Ca. needing clarification on direction.

I truly appreciate the attention to detail and the willingness to ask questions to arrive at the right solution.

Your team is amazing!

Honestly I believe your call center is the most complete, courteous and professional call center I deal even in my personal matters.

Thank you for all you do.


From Nicholas Engel of Ferrellgas

I just wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation for the work that Dustin has been doing for us.  he has been very reliable and works very hard to keep our maintenance and service up to date.  he came in yesterday feeling very poorly after having been out Monday and did a fantastic job completing three repairs and an annual PM without complaint despite having to make a few trips to get parts.  And then afterwards he went to our Frederick yard to work on a unit there.  He is knocking it out of the park, thanks Dustin!

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From Art Exton of Nestlé US – Supply Chain

Mike I just wanted to let you know how proud and excited we all are here in Cleveland of the hard work and dedication of the techs Gregory and John.   They both have great work ethics and work tirelessly to bring our fleet up to your standards Mike.

I’ll forward some of the before and after pictures Greg sent me of these units and Ted what a difference I’m not sure if these types of work are being performed company-wide but I believe it should be.

From Ed Perez of Ferrell Gas

I oversee the operation in Miami for Ferrellgas.   Our branch is always on a very tight schedule, and I want to praise the excellent customer service provided by Alfredo, he is always there when we need service, and delivers the truck on schedule.  Also, Kisha Neal, prepares the invoices in a timely manner, and provides excellent customer service.  Thank you very much to both of them and their team.

Testimonial From Tim Hill of Airgas USA to Shawn McKimm, Jacksonville Account Executive

Last month Airgas made a commitment to be at the Saturday high school welding competition that Tulsa Welding was sponsoring.  Our participation was paramount. As many as 160 students, their parents and teachers were there. We provide the “Arcs and Sparks” unit that allows students to get their hands on some equipment and actually produce some arcs and sparks. It’s a great recruiting tool. They love it. We would not have been able to honor our commitment without the help of Robert Burditt and Dickinson Fleet Maint. We discovered a brake line problem on our trailer the Friday before. This was not an easy fix. Robert knew our commitment to Tulsa and signed on as well. He looked all over for someone to make these brake lines for the trailer. Not just anyone would do it. His persistence found someone and He made it happen. Thanks to Robert we were able to do what we said we would do safely, correctly and it saved the day.  Thanks ROBERT and Dickinson Fleet. Airgas USA South Division

From Kevin Drouin of Kelloggs to Jon Holmes, VP of Sales for Florida

Jon, I want to take this time and thank the Dickinson team for taking part in a successful Orlando opening this past week, especially our midnight meeting Monday morning to kick things off.  It was great to have your team engaged throughout the week and support any issues or concerns we had as it relates to our fleet.  In short, all routes left the DC on schedule. This was one of the largest moves Kellogg has partaken in, to date, and it went off without any fleet issues.  We will continue to look to Dickinson as a solution to our fleet maintenance requirements and suggestions on how to save money as we move into next year. At this point I would like to recommend that the Dickinson team complete a fleet review of the Orlando equipment before the end of the year and send me their suggestions that we can address in P1 of 2012.  Once again thank you for your support. Kevin Drouin CTP|Kellogg Company|DSD Logistics

From Marc Tedder, UPS Freight Truckload, to Mike Dickinson

Mike, I understand that Angelo is moving to the FL operations, it is well deserved he does a great job for us in your Pennsburg facility.  However this is one of our more demanding areas. My concern is that you have a team in place to continue the level of service that Angelo has provided.  As I stated before he has done a great job for us there and I hope to be able to call on him at the FL locations.  I know he will be missed by our operations there in Kutztown. |UPS Freight Truckload|Fleet Asset/Purchasing Supervisor

From Steve Ginn, VP Field Operations for Dickinson Fleet, to our Dickinson Team in Texas

All: I received a report this morning that a motorist called into our Toll Free number to report an on-road experience with a Dickinson Fleet Service truck in the Grand Prairie, TX area during the 5:00 PM rush hour last Friday afternoon. It seems that this particular motorist found the courtesy extended by our driver to several motorists attempting to merge onto a crowded freeway noteworthy enough to make a call to the Home Office to report the experience.  The same motorist also complimented the driver on the cleanliness of the truck.  He said it stood out among all of the other vehicles on the road. I dont mind telling all of you that I sleep easier each night knowing how well DFS is represented in the DFW Metroplex.  This is just a reminder that people all around you are watching and making judgments about our company every day…even when you least suspect it.  Keep up the great work gents!

From Steve Cea, UPS Freight, to Kirk Jackson, VP Northeast Region

Your tech John did an excellent job today, went right to work and was more than accommodating to the terminals needs.  That’s exactly what we need in the BNG terminal.  He should be commended for a job well done. |UPS Freight

Testimonial regarding our WebWrench/TRAIT System

Pete, when something is going good I wanted to let you know.  It looks like DFS sends the GM and SM a copy of the PMs done for the day with repairs and what units were completed.  It seems their technicians have laptops on their trucks and complete the paperwork before they leave our facility.  This is a great addition to their service.  It also has signatures. | Service Master

Testimonial from Matt Stafford of JEA regarding South Mobile Division

Ron/Tim, Would like to give credit where credit is due, and when it comes to the work that has been performed on my trucks lately Mr. Moore has done a great job and had us back up and running same day. He is willing to work with us on things that can wait until the end of the day so that we can complete our work and still get the problem with the truck fixed. Just had truck #5730 go down last night on the 12th while crew was working call-out and had to get it towed in. This morning we needed our truck due to no others to borrow so we met JJ at Dickinson and in 20 min. we were on the road due to faulty wiring that was giving false code readings and keeping truck from starting back up. Just thought the way that he treats us as a customer is a great example of how we should and do treat our customers, and it doesn’t go unnoticed! Matt Stafford

Testimonial from United Site Services regarding our Tampa Shop

Hi Dana, I would like to say that we are very happy with the service that we are getting with Dickinson Fleet Services.  Bruce has bent over backwards to help us to keep our trucks on the road. He is a great asset to Dickinson Fleet.  The guys that have brought trucks back to us have been very upbeat and friendly.  Again thanks to all of y’all there in the Tampa facility for taking great care of us. Thanks, Tim Floyd Operations Supervisor United Site Services

Testimonial from a National Mobile Office Company

John, Do you currently use DFS and if so what do you like and dislike about them?
Best regards,
Wayne Terry Branch Manager

Wayne, Yes and they are awesome!!!  Both shop and mobile service are equally impressive. They train their people to repair and not just replace.
Best regards,
John Luetzow Branch Manager